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As the title may suggest, this is a collection of miscellaneous documents and written resources that, perhaps, did not quite fit in any other category available.

Brief synopses of each available resources are provided (or will be soon), and listed in alphabetical order by the title. If you, or anyone else for that matter, have written any essays or researched this topic and would like to have your work posted here, please contact me.


The Addition of An Interpreter Training Program At Oakland University, by Sandra Maloney. The following report will outline the need for an additional Interpreter Training Program in the state of Michigan. First, the report will explain what an ASL- English Interpreter is and the need for qualified Interpreters throughout the country and specifically in Michigan. Next, it will emphasize the student demand for a highly qualified Interpreter Training Program in Michigan. Finally, a proposed plan for implementing such a program at Oakland University in the College of Arts and Sciences will be presented.

Attracting Qualified Interpreters to Maine, by Breeze Gammelin. The following report will outline the need for qualified sign language Interpreters in Maine. I will first explain the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the law that mandates that Deaf people are provided qualified interpreters. Next, I will prove that Maine does not have enough interpreters to abide by this federal law. I will include lawsuits which Deaf people have brought against Maine businesses and won, based on the regulations of the ADA. I will define what a qualified interpreter is and describe the manner in which interpreters must be properly trained. Finally I will propose a loan reimbursement program which will encourage residents of Maine to become interpreters, to be properly trained, and to return to the state of Maine to work.

"Performing Arts Interpreting: Qualification, Recognition, and Betterment through Education" by Damon Timm. This paper examines the inherent issues in the performing arts interpreting field and how these issues can be addressed within the state of Massachusetts. Taking into considerations the steps Massachusetts is currently taking to address some of the issues discussed, this proposal puts foward a recommendation regarding the importance of the creation of educational opportunities directed specifically to better performing arts interpreters and ASL consultants.